5 Best Wireless Presenters Every Professional Presentation Need

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While the right wireless presenter will enhance your presentation to a higher professional level.

This device help you to and engage your audience directly while guiding your audience's attention to where you want it to be, instead of getting stuck in front of a computer all the time.

Even some models have the capability to remind you at determined intervals to move along with your next presentation.

In short, the best wireless presenter remote will make a huge difference between a good presentation and an excellent presentation.

Choosing Your Best Wireless Presenter

1, Design
How many buttons a particular wireless presentation pointer have???

More buttons mean the greater the risk you will press the wrong button. So as always simple, efficient yet effective design is the best.

2. Battery
A unit powered with AAA or AA batteries is your best buy because the batteries are relatively inexpensive and so easy to find.

3. Support & Warranty
Customer support is very important to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. So check what kind of support is provided (online chat, FAQs, email, or phone). If there is no support at all, don`t buy them.

Also the longer the warranty, the better.

4. Features To Consider
• Timer or stopwatch - let you know when to stop or move to your next slide.
• Battery indicator - let you know the battery status.
Laser pointer - guide your audience's attention to where you want it to be.

5. User Testimony
There is a reason why big online retail companies like Amazon.com displaying the number of consumer reviews including its star rating.

People who can review a product on Amazon.com are people who really buy the product. So rest assured, you will find an honest review.

The rule of thumb is, the more the number of reviewers, the higher the star rating, the better the product. Their review will give a real picture of a wireless presenter that you plan to buy.

Best Top Rated Wireless Presenter

1. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 (less than $38)
• Reviewed by 963 verified buyers - 4.6 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• #1 Amazon best seller
• Intuitive touch-keys for easy slideshow control
• Bright red laser pointer - easy to see against most backgrounds
• Up to 50-foot (15 meters) wireless range for freedom to move around the room
• 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver for plug-and-play simplicity with any computer
• Built-in docking bay stores receiver for easy pack up and portability
• 2 AAA batteries
• Battery power indicator
• 3-year limited hardware warranty
• System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
• USB port
• Carrying case
• Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.8 x 4.5 inches, 4 ounces

2. Logitech Professional Presenter R800 (less than $61)
• Reviewed by 952 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see on any presentation screen--even in a brightly lit room
• LCD display with timer and silent vibrating alerts help you manage time without watching the clock
• Up to 100-foot (30 meters) wireless range for freedom to move and mingle around the room
• Intuitive controls for easy, one-touch slideshow navigation
• Plug-and-play USB wireless receiver stores inside the presenter for easy pack up.
• Cushioned Case
• 2 AAA batteries
• Battery Indicator
• 3-year limited hardware warranty
• System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
• USB port
• Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.8 x 5.2 inches

3. Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter (less than $34)
• Reviewed by 775 verified buyers - 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Compact wireless presenter with an ergonomic design and easy fingertip control, and a bright, easy-to-see laser pointer
• Rubberized Grip
• 2.4GHz wireless technology delivers interference-free control of your pointer from up to 60 feet away
• Wireless USB receiver fits inside controller's storage space so it never gets lost
• Compatible with Windows 8
• 2 AAA batteries
• Kensington's two-year warranty
• Dimensions : 4 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches ; 1.9 ounces

4. Satechi Wireless Presenter For Mac & PC (less than $38)
• Reviewed by 654 verified buyers - 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Compact and lightweight - fits naturally into your palm for easy control
• Control PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
• Advance and backtrack slides, blank out the screen, stop and resume presentations
• Red laser to indicate key points
• Mouse Mode (Page up and down, left and right click, control mouse movement)
• 2.4Ghz works up to 100 feet away from the USB receiver
• Compatible with Mac (Mac OS, MacBook OS Mavericks) or PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP)
• 2 AAA batteries
• Warranty: 1 year
• Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches ; 1 ounces

5. RioRand Presentation Presenter For PC & Mac (less than $15)
• Reviewed 438 by verified buyers - 3.9 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• The USB wireless receiver is located inside the battery compartment
• Transmitting frequency: 2.4GHz
• Simple and easy to use
• Plug and Play
• Freely Control your presentations up to 15 meters away
• Nice touch feeling, comfort to hold by hand
• 1 x AAA battery
• Certificate: FC, CE, RoHS
• Dimension: 106*38*26mm

This Lightweight Folding Stroller Only Cost You Less Than $50

"All things are difficult before they are easy". - Thomas Fuller. Tweet This

True, though today you have seen many foldable stroller on the market but in reality most of them are heavy, expensive, and difficult to fold or unfold.

You have to struggle hard to use them, sucks!!!

Therefore the guys at The First Years stepped in with Jet Stroller that offers full convenience.

And trust me, this lightweight & cheap baby stroller (less than $50) will be your best investment that you will never regret.


Ease Of Use
For first time users, the Jet is very easy to install – from the wheels, to the set up, everything was a cinch, only takes around 10 minutes tops.

The First Years Jet allow you to fold and unfold ridiculously easy with only one hand. When folded, the stroller is small enough (48” x 12” x 11”) so you can keep it in the back of your car for anytime use.

Weighing at only 11 pounds (4.9 kg) for easy lift and carry, this lightweight baby stroller also very easy to push on any surfaces.

It also has a double set of wheels on both front and back, making it easy to maneuver just about anywhere.

The canopy itself is not only adjustable but also removable.

A perfect baby stroller for travel or everyday use!!!

Thought this umbrella stroller is cheap in price but it bring good and reliable security features.

Equipped with 5 points safety harness and rear brakes that lock independently. While the aluminum frame is quite sturdy, something not all lightweight baby strollers can boast about. So you can rest assured that your baby is in a safe environment.

The rear brakes are easily engaged with the tap of your foot. Just push the red lever down on each set of wheels and the stroller will lock into place.

The stroller also has a manual lock to keep it from opening when folded.

As one of the best baby stroller on earth, The First Years Jet also comes with a higher handle height that makes pushing more comfortable for taller parents.

The seat itself comes with a wide base and multi-recline feature to keep up to up to 50 pounds baby comfortable while awake or asleep.

To clean the seat, you just need to wipe it with damp cloth and mild dish soap.

It also provide a large parent console and an under-seat storage basket so you can carry some small essential baby stuff while traveling. Enjoy the video bellow to see it in action:

Other Specs & Features
• Cargo Basket
• Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 39.5 inches, 11 pounds
• Orientation - Forward Facing
• Swivel Wheel
• Maximum weight recommendation – 50 pounds

The First Years Jet Stroller is protected with 1 year warranty (parts and labor).

User Testimony
The First Years Jet Stroller has received 1,344 customer reviews with 4.1 out of 5 stars. READ REVIEWS

The First Years Jet Stroller (City Chic) is priced less than $50 (Limited Supply Applied).

Best Programmable Coffee Maker You Don`t Have

"Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised.- Star Trek: Voyager". Tweet This

That`s so true because many scientific studies have found that drinking coffee may:

1. Protect against some skin cancers
2. Reduced risk of several scary disease (liver cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes, and tinnitus)
3. While giving you other 13 proven health benefits (improving energy levels, make you smarter, burn fat, to help you to live longer).

And as always…

To have the best coffee drinks, the best coffee maker is needed!!!

As you know, the market is flooded with so many coffee makers from different brands that each claim itself as the best.

So before we go too far, to have better understanding it will be better if you know how you should choose your best coffee machine, as follows:

1. Know The Type
In general there are 4 types of coffee machines as follows:

• Percolator
Pros - Retro in appearance for a stylish & vintage look, consistent brewing, detachable cord on electric models makes cleaning easier.

Cons - Boiling water draws acids from beans making bitter coffee, takes longer to brew than automatic drip coffee machine, more time-consuming to clean grounds basket, water runs through the same grounds repeatedly absorbing bitterness.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker
Pros – convenient, programmable, reliable brew, fast, warming element keeps pot of coffee drinkable longer.

Cons - requires purchased filters, impossible to regulate water temperature for different types of beans, can’t adjust the time that the water and coffee steep.

• French Press
Pros - control over water temperature and over brewing time, produces richer and fuller flavor, doesn`t require electricity.

Cons - brewer must be skilled for best results, not automatic nor programmable, coffee cools quickly.

Espresso Machine
Pros - produces gourmet coffee, brings out the full potential of the beans.

Cons - time-consuming, produces too strong brew for some people, more expensive, creates more mess.

2. Number Of Cups
How many cup of coffee you drink or how many people that must be served by the coffee machine in a day???

The number of cups that can be served by the machine will affect the price. Why pay $70 for 12-cup coffee maker when you only drink 4 cups of coffee a day that only cost you $20 for the unit???

3. Buy Programmable Unit
I`m pretty sure that you will have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Programmable coffee maker is equipped with automatic ON or OFF feature a perfect machine for people with hectic morning. Even some model allow you to brew coffee remotely

4. Speed
The rule of thumb is, good coffee machines take less than 15 seconds to make 30ml and stop dripping.

5. Features To Consider
• A model with an insulated mug or carafe will keep coffee hot and fresh-tasting for hours.
• Swing-out filter basket that's easy to use and clean.
• Simple and intuitive controls.
• Small-batch setting - adjusts water flow to prevent a too-weak brew when you're brewing 1 to 4 cups.
• Brew-strength control – help the coffee machine to produce a stronger brew by slowing down the water flow.
• Pause and serve – so you can pull away the carafe to fill a cup without spilling coffee all over the countertop.
• Clean notification – the machine will prompt you to clean the machine periodically.
• Water filter - to eliminate odors and odd-tasting coffee.
• Built-in grinder – allow you to have the freshest coffee but be advised that grind-and-brew coffee makers can be annoying to use and clean.
• Dip trays must be easy to lift and remove.
• Wide pouring spout for drip-free pouring.
• Water level window.

6. Check Users Opinions
There is a reason why companies like Amazon.com displaying the number of costumer reviews including the star ratings.

People who can review a product on Amazon.com are those who really buy the product. So rest assured, you will find an honest opinion from them.

5 Best Programmable Coffee Machines

1. Cuisinart DCC-1200 (less than $70)
• Reviewed by 5,224 verified buyers - 3.9 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Classic brushed metal design with a 12-Cup carafe with ergonomic handle for comfortable, drip-less pouring
• Brew pause feature lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished.
• Adjustable heater plate (low, medium, high) ensures that your coffee stays at the temperature you like best.
• 24-hour advance brew start, programmable auto shutoff from 0 to 4 hours plus a 1- to 4-Cup feature when making less than 5 cups of coffee.
• Charcoal water filter and permanent gold tone filter to provide the freshest coffee flavor flows through.
• Reservoir Cover: Flips back for easy filling.
• Water Reservoir
• Showerhead: Distributes water evenly over coffee, reducing temperature loss as water passes through grounds.
• Filter Basket: Holds a #4 paper filter or a permanent filter.
• LCD Digital Clock: Displays the time of day and set time for automatic functions.
• Function Knob and Flip Switch: Used to initiate programming of automatic functions.
• Clean Setting: Tells you when it’s time to clean your coffeemaker.
• Brew Pause: Stops flow of coffee from basket when carafe is removed (30 seconds max) from the heater plate, so a cup can be poured in mid-brew.
• Carafe: The easy pour, no drip glass carafe has an ergonomic handle and brewed coffee markings for two to twelve cups.
• Heating Plate: Scratch resistant with black, nonstick coating.
• Ready Tone: Signals the end of the brew cycle with five beeps (coffee will continue to stream from the filter for a few seconds after the tone).
• Measuring scoop.
• Dimensions: 10.8 x 9.6 x 15.6 inches ; 6.8 pounds

2. De'Longhi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker (less than $80)
• Reviewed by 3,018 verified buyers - 3.8 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder
• Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time
• Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation
• Always brew espresso at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately
• Enjoy delicious espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pump pressure
• Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 10 inches ; 6.7 pounds

3. Mr.Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT (less than $25)
• Reviewed by 2,977 verified buyers - 4.0 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning
• Brewing pause 'n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing
• Special cleaning cycle makes cleaning your coffeemaker quick and easy
• 2-Hour auto shut-off keeps your coffee hot for 2-hour, then automatically shuts off
• Water Filtration system helps remove up to 97% of the chlorine from the water and improves the taste of your coffee
• Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.1 x 14.4 inches ; 4 pounds

4. Melitta Programmable Coffeemaker (less than $56)
• Reviewed by 2,566 verified buyers - 3.8 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Regular, bold and robust settings for rich-tasting coffee
• Programmable with 2-hour auto shutoff
• Automatic pause and serve
• Durable stainless steel
• Cone filter design for better coffee extraction
• Pause & serve feature lets you pour a cup before coffee is finished brewing
• Dimensions: 10 x 12.1 x 16.5 inches

5. Mr. Coffee DRX5 (less than $20)
• Reviewed by 1,713 verified buyers - 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffeemaker is on or off
• Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning
• Brewing pause 'n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing
• Dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling
• Dimensions: 9.6 x 7.1 x 10.7 inches

How To Choose Best Space Heater That Warms Safely

"If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it". - Lucy Larcom (American Poet). Tweet This

While if your room feels cold to you, just let the best space heater warm you.

But how can you choose the right heater for your room when the market are filled with thousands of choices???

Don`t be confused, the following guide will help you to choose wisely, as follows:

1. Forms

In general, space heaters are fall into 2 forms, Radiant & Convection.

Radiant is the most common, safe, and effective model in the market but it only provides instant warmth to the immediate area. This model also often very hot to the touch.

While if you need to warm the entire room quickly then you should buy Convection model but it not as powerful as a radiant room heater.

2. Design

• Baseboard - low-profile and can be installed in the corner of your room without taking up any space. This model tend to work best in drafty rooms.

It pulls cold air in and pushes warm air out. The warmth produced might take longer to spread.

A low-profile baseboard heaters also don’t have fans at all, so they are going to be totally silent.

• Wall heater - great space savers and cost only pennies to operate. This model is also a safe option if you have pets or children since you can install it out of their reach.

• Electric fireplace heater - most of these models can warm up to 400 sq. ft. of space and offer attractive appearances.

• Freestanding portable heater - consist of oil-filled radiator heaters and ceramic heaters.

Oil-filled heaters takes a little bit longer to warm a space but once it's warm it'll stay that way longer, even when the heater's turned off. Great choice to warm larger areas for a longer period of time.

While the ceramic heaters pull the cold air and warmed over ceramic plates then the blower fan spread the heat to warm your room quickly. This model also tend to make less noise than other styles of heaters.

• Non-electric heater – mostly fueled by propane, natural gas, or kerosene which are made for small spaces.

3. Heating Method

• Conduction - will maintain a constant temperature after it has had a chance to warm up but it will take a long time for heat to spread to the rest of the room.

• Convection - creates heat by moving the air with a fan that blows air across a hot coil or panel. Since it uses a fan, it may be noisy or produce drafts.

• Radiation - aims infrared waves to specific molecules that absorb the waves and are warmed by the energy. Great choice to provide warmth to a targeted area.

4. Coverage Area

The amount of watts produced by the space heater determines the coverage area. 10 watts will warm a 1 sq. ft. area. Some heater use measure output in BTUs (British Thermal Units). 1 BTU/hour is about 3.41 watts.

5. Safety Certificate

For safety reasons, it is wise if you choose a unit that carry Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) label or ETL, or CSA.

6. Features To Consider

• Timer – useful feature to set the heater to go off before you go to sleep. It’s not a good idea, from a safety point of view, to sleep with a heater running in your bedroom.
• Automatic heat sensor that shuts the heater off when they overheat.
• Handle – remember that some heaters are too hot for the touch so a handle is very useful when you unit to remove the heather safely.
• Oxygen depletion sensor or Low-oxygen shutoff – to shut down the unit when the sensor senses a reduction in the amount of oxygen in the air due to the buildup of carbon dioxide.
• Thermostat or heat setting to maintain your desired temperature.
• Tilt cut off - to turns the heater off when they are knocked over, this prevents the carpet from being burnt.

7. Safety Tips
• Make sure you always unplug your heater when not in use.
• Never leave the heater unattended.
• Plug the heater directly into the outlet.
• Do not put cords under heavy objects or in walkways.
• Only place your heater on a dry & flat surface where children and pets can't reach it.
• Keep your heater at least 3 feet away from walls, furniture, and draperies.
• Always use a heater upright.
• Be sure that a plug is secure and tight.
• Replace missing guards or controls before using further.
• Do not use the high setting for long periods of time.

10 Best Top Rated Space Heater

1. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater (less than $25)
• Reviewed by 4,579 verified buyers - 4.1 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• ETL listed with cool-touch housing
• Adjustable Thermostat
• 1500-watt high setting, 900-watt low setting, and fan-only option
• Manual controls; self-regulating ceramic element; quiet operation
• Automatic overheat protection for safety; convenient carrying handle
• 3 year limited warranty
• Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.6 x 10 inches ; 3.9 pounds

2. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater (less than $45)
• Reviewed by 2,031 verified buyers - 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• 1500 watts of comfort.
• Top-access push-button controls with digital display; low/high speed settings
• Widespread oscillation; programmable thermostat; 8-hour timer; quiet operation
• Fully asembled. 8.5" x 7.25" x 23" tall, 1 pounds
• Tower heater with elongated self-regulating ceramic heating element, automatic overheat protection and cool-touch housing.
• ETL listed
• Digital Display
• Remote Control

3. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater (less than $130)
• Reviewed by 1,285 verified buyers - 4.1 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Advanced Dual Heating System.
• 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree
• Evenly heats your space up to 1,000 square feet, fast.
• Produces 60% more heat than the other models in the market.
• Listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
• 3 years warranty
• Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 16 inches ; 19 pounds

4. Lasko 6435 Designer Series (less than $50)
• Reviewed by 1,099 verified buyers - 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• 1500 watts of comfort. Fully assembled Ceramic Oscillating Heater
• Remote Control
• Widespread oscillation; adjustable thermostat; 7-hour timer with auto shut-off
• Low/high quiet comfort settings, plus auto thermostat-controlled setting
• Self-regulating ceramic element and automatic overheat protection for safety
• ETL listed
• 8.25" x 8.25" x 16.05" tall
• Weight 7.8 pounds
• 3 Year Limited warranty

5. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater (less than $80)
• Reviewed by 840 verified buyers - 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Lightweight, stylish, sleek, modern design - perfect for any home decor
• Efficient use of space with wall-mountable option.
• Simply remove the feet from the base and mount to any wall (wall mounting kit included).
• Adjustable thermostat and two heat settings (high setting for 1500-watt or low setting for 750-watt)
• Safe operation with thermal cut-off, internal tip-over switch, and power/caution indicator lights.
• Easy to move or transport with the convenient carry handle and castors included.
• 1 year limited warranty.
• Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 22 inches ; 10.1 pounds.

6. Holmes Programmable Heater (less than $35)
• Reviewed by 838 verified buyers - 4.0 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Easy to adjust digital controls will help maintain your desired comfort level
• Use the timer to pre-heat the bathroom and keep it warm and cozy
• Bathroom safe ALCI plug for worry free bathroom use; and wall mountable
• Digital thermostat with a digital clock and timer
• 2 heat settings, 1500 watt max output
• 1 Year Limited Warranty
• Dimensions: 10.4 x 12.8 x 8.2 inches ; 3.4 pounds

7. DeLonghi Portable Oil-Filled Heater (less than $65)
• Reviewed by 833 verified buyers - 4.1 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• 7 permanently sealed fins with pure diathermic oil never need refilling
• Energy efficient ComforTemp feature sets ideal temperature (68-70 degrees)
• Patented thermal slots maximize heat flow yet maintain a low surface temperature
• Automatically turns on when the room temperature drops below 44 degrees F with anti-freeze setting
• Automatically turns off with safety thermal cut-off if heater becomes too warm
• 1 year limited warranty
• Dimensions: 13.8 x 25 x 10.8 inches ; 23.2 pounds

8. Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Propane Heater (less than $89)
• Reviewed by 780 verified buyers - 4.6 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater for spaces up to 200 square feet
• Approved for indoor/outdoor use; clean-burning; nearly 100-percent efficient
• Auto shut-off if tipped over, if pilot light goes out, or if detects low oxygen levels
• Fold-down handle; swivel-out regulator; connects to propane tank (not included)
• Measures 9 by 14-1/5 by 14-2/5 inches
• 1-year limited warranty

9. Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater (less than $80)
• Reviewed by 521 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Programmable to sweep heat 90-degree, 170-degree or full 360-degree
• Digital programmable thermostat
• Simple base assembly required. 25" tall.
• 1500-Watt of comforting warmth with high, low and thermostat controlled settings
• ETL listed for safety
• Simple base assembly required
• 3 year limited warranty
• Dimensions: 9.2 x 11 x 25 inches ; 7.5 pounds

10. Lasko 5624 Low Profile Room Heater (less than $59)
• Reviewed by 319 verified buyers - 3.9 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Heating Element: Ceramic
• Room Size: 100-300 sq. ft.
• Power Wattage Output: 1500 Watts
• Safety and Security Features: Auto Shutoff, Tip-Over Protection
• Number of Settings: 1
• Power Source: Electric
• 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
• Dimensions: 39.8 x 5.5 x 9 inches ; 10 pounds

How To Choose Best Computer Desk

A study conducted by University of Exeter found that “Employees who have control over the layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier, they’re also up to 32% more productive". Tweet This

But realize that the central point of your workspace is your computer desk. So don`t play around on this.

Though many scientific studies has found that standing desks provide a higher productivity to users, but realize that these type of desks are not designed to be used for hours.

The idea behind standing or treadmill desks are the opportunity to move while working or to avoid sedentary behavior. So it is very obvious that regular work desk is still needed.

How You Should Choose Your Best Computer Desk

1. Ergonomics
Ergonomic work desk is important to reduce the risk of developing back aches, shoulder pain etc.

And since each person has a different body height, therefore work desks with adjustable work surface heights are more versatile for ergonomic purposes.

A desk that has a matte finish will help reduce the glare which in turn creates less stress on your eyes.

In addition, the desk that you plan to buy should provide a safe distance between the monitor with your eyes to prevent eyestrain that later can cause a permanent vision damage. The recommended distance is around an arm’s length away.

2. Desk Placement
Where you will put the desk will determine the shape of the desk that you have to buy.

In general there 4 shapes of desk that you should know, as follows:
U–shaped desks allow you to create different work zones while keeping everything in reach, but they require lots of space.
L-shaped desks provide more benefits of U-shaped desk while requiring less space. However, you might be stuck with just one placement in your room.
Corner desks - space saving and fits in different room layouts, but you’ll be stuck facing a corner for the rest of your life.
Straight desks - most common and versatile desk for all types of placement.

U & L-shaped computer desks are perfect choice for commercial office applications, where you multi-tasking and space is not a concern.

3. Material
The materials used by the desk that you plan to buy will directly related to the desk durability.

• Laminate is very choice since it is cheap and durable but make sure you choose a work desk with thick, high pressure laminate for better durability.
• Metal or steel desks are more durable
• Wood or veneer have a surface that is easily scratched but they offer classic elegance and rich look.

4. Style & Color
Since everyone's style and color tastes are very different, so a computer desk that is so pleasing to your eye is the one that help you to be more productive.

5. Factory Assembles or Ready To Assemble Desk (RTA)
Most of factory assembled desks provide higher quality than RTA desks. They also and save you time and energy since they are “ready to use”. But be advised, that they are more expensive.

6. Features to consider:
• Space or compartment to hold the CPU underneath.
• Built-in wiring holes or channels for electrical connections to keep cords out of your way.
• Elevated shelves for monitors.
• Built-in hutches offer a ton of storage.
• Pull-out surface so you can turns a rectangular desk into an L-shaped desk temporarily.
• Drawer placement.

7. Check Others Opinions
There are reasons why companies like Amazon display the number of user reviews including its star rating.

The more selling a product more review it get. The more satisfying a product higher star rating (up to 5) it get.

On Amazon.com, only people who really make a purchase (verified buyers) that can make a review. So rest assured, their reviews will be honest.

Best Top Rated Computer Desk

1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk (less than $110)
• Reviewed by 1,569 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Polished and beveled, tempered safety glass
• Sturdy steel frame with powder coat finish
• Includes sliding keyboard trey and CPU stand
• Measures 51" W x 20" D x 29 " H (51" overall depth)
• Ships ready to build with step-by-step instructions
• Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 29 inches ; 57 pounds

2. Prepac White Floating Desk (less than $156)
• Reviewed by 474 verified buyers - 4.6 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Mount at any height with Prepac's metal hanging rail system
• Cable and wire management features keep your desk organized
• Side compartments with two removable shelves each are ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs and other personal items
• Store books, photographs and other items on the top shelf
• 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty
• Dimensions: 19.8 x 42.2 x 39.5 inches ; 60 pounds

3. Techni Mobili MDF Computer Cart (less than $64)
• Reviewed by 461 verified buyers - 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• MDF panels with poly vinyl carbonate laminate
• CD rack and bottom accessory shelf
• Adjustable printer shelf can be at center, right or left
• Dual wheel caster for easy mobility
• Pullout keyboard with safety stop
• Dimensions: 20 x 28 x 35.5 inches ; 31 pounds

4. Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk (less than $100)
• Reviewed by 278 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Durable steel rod frame construction and PVC laminate for years of use
• Cable management system
• Fits 27 inch flat panel monitor up to 40 lbs
• Charging Station
• Speaker trays
• Dimensions: 50 x 40.2 x 26.5 inches ; 37.4 pounds

5. Techni Mobili Multifunction Desk (less than $188)
• Reviewed by 239 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Chocolate finish
• Includes box/box/file pedestal
• Includes shelf for computer storage
• Dimensions: 30-inch H x 48-inch W x 24-inch D
• Weight 86 pounds

6. Stanton Computer Desk (less than $51)
• Reviewed by 236 verified buyers - 4.1 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Sleek and elegant design
• Pull-out Keyboard shelf
• Bottom Storage shelf
• Made of MDF, Steel and PVC
• Complies with CARB Phase2
• The desk can overall support up to 150lbs
• Dimensions: 27.5 x 29.5 x 19.6 inches ; 26.4 pounds

7. Bush Furniture Corner Computer Desk (less than $160)
• Reviewed by 168 verified buyers - 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Espresso Oak
• Charging station is perfect for keeping devices like phones, cameras and mp3 players powered up and close at hand
• Open cubby can be used for standard storage (papers, books, etc.) or to house devices such as routers and modems as the back panel is ventilated for efficient cooling
• Plenty of work space to spread out and get things done
• File drawer accommodates letter, legal and A4-sized files
• Full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides enable easy access to contents at back of drawer and make for years of trouble-free use
• Box drawer for supplies
• File drawer that accommodate letter-, legal, and aa-sized files
• Technology charging station
• Dimensions: 59.5 x 35.7 x 30.2 inches ; 106 pounds

8. Z-Line Claremont Desk (less than $168)
• Reviewed by 142 verified buyers - 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Real wood veneer in mocha finish
• 6mm smoked tempered safety glass
• Chrome cylinder glass supports
• Pullout keyboard tray with room for a mouse
• Spacious desktop workspace
• Pull-out Keyboard Tray
• Dimensions: 24 x 47 x 30 inches ; 46.5 pounds

9. Regallo Expandable L Computer Desk (less than $103)
• Reviewed by 110 verified buyers - 4.0 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Unique space saving design
• Easily converts to L-Shape
• Pull-out keyboard shelf
• Bottom storage shelf
• Made of MDF, steel and PVC
• Dimensions: 47.2 x 33.5 x 23.6 inches ; 63.9 pounds

10. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation (less than $168)
• Reviewed by 85 verified buyers - 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ REVIEWS
• Contemporary style desk in a cherry finish with black accents
• Clear tempered glass with black border for safety
• Chrome cylinder glass supports
• Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse
• Castors for easy mobility
• Dimensions: 26 x 48 x 36 inches ; 71.7 pounds