POWERLIX - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

POWERLIX - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad
POWERLIX is a super compact, light, and conveniently portable sleeping pad that give you static comfort and support for the best night's sleep, during all of your outdoor adventures!

It's fast and easy to inflate with the inflating bag, and you don't need to pump it by mouth. You can use the inflating bag as: a pillow, waterproof carry bag, vacuum laundry bag, or to carry all parts of the product.

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• Very easy to use (inflate/deflate).
• Waterproof design ensures you stay dry.
• Great comfort (pretty quiet when in use, support your body weight evenly & you will not feel any bumps on the ground as the air cushioning is very good).

• Thinnest option at 2”.
• The r-value is a bit low.

POWERLIX - Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad

• The hexagon air cells ergonomically support all of your pressure points, giving you superior support and comfort all night long, no matter how you sleep!

• The mat is also a camping luxury, being comfortable yet lightweight. It rolls up small, making it effortless to carry around.

• The inflating bag has a dual action, non-leak air valve, to inflate and deflate the mattress. Being light & small when packed, it won't cause backaches from its weight, and it fits easily in your backpack.

• The Sleeping Pad is made of durable, outdoor grade materials, such as 75D nylon. It includes thermal insulation, to keep your body warm from the cold winter ground. It is 100% waterproof, making it perfect for any outdoor activities.

• Comes with a sleeping pad, carry bag, 2 repair kits, and an inflating bag. A patch kit is also included, stitched into the top of the storage bag. The inflating bag was designed with you in mind, for all of your needs. In addition to inflating the mattress, it can be used for several different things, such as a pillow, a waterproof carry or laundry bag, or to carry the sleeping mat itself!

• Available in 6 colors.
• Price when reviewed $39.9
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