Ohuhu - Wood Burning Camping Stove

Ohuhu - Wood Burning Camping Stove
Ohuhu camping stove uses twigs, leaves, pinecones, wood, or solidified alcohol tablets as fuel in a budget friendly pricing under $20.

Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuel.

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• Well made.
• Easy to use, clean & to pack.
• Good stability. wide diameter. 5.4 inches.
• Foldable pot support system for space saving.
• Reasonably cool to the touch even during operation.

• A bit uncontrolled fire.
• The wood tends to smoke more, so you can't cook inside your tent.
• You may have a hard time looking for dry enough wood if the weather is rainy.

Ohuhu - Wood Burning Camping Stove

Wide Compatibility: You Can Fit Just About Any Pot or Pan on This Handy Portable Wood Stove Thanks to the Sizeable Cooking Surface. Whatever the Situation Calls For, You Can Boil Water, Cook Food, or Just Make a Nice Fire for Heat and Enjoyment. It Can Do It All!

Adjustable Ash Catcher: Get Exactly the Heat Levels You Need Thanks to the 2 Adjustable Heights (2.8”/3.8”). Use Intense Heat for Grilling or Lighter Heat for Warming Up Previously Cooked Food. This User-friendly Design is Efficient and Easy to Use!

Compact, Portable & Lightweight: It Can Be a Pain Lugging Around One of Those Heavy Gas Stoves, but This Wood Stove is Super Portable and Weighs Just 1.9lbs! Assembles in Seconds, No Tools Required. It Can Fit into Your Gear Bag, the Back of Your Car, and Many Other Places! It’s the Perfect Way to Enjoy the Outdoors when You’re Camping, Fishing, or Mountaineering!

Stable & Durable: Like Any High-Quality Gear, the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Backpacking Stove is Made to Last Through All Sorts of Adventures. Built with Top-notch Stainless Steel, It Can Support Pots and Pans, Hot Temperatures of the Fire, and the Journey There and Back Without an Issue. It Also Comes with a Detachable Stainless-Steel Plate Which Helps Contain the Firewood While It’s Burning.

Use Wood, Gas and More: What’s Great About This Stove is Its Wide Compatibility with All Sorts of Fuel Types. Not Only Can You Use a Traditional Gas Tank Or, Solid Fuel Tablets, but You Can Also Use Any Type of Wood You Might Bring or Find Along the Way. It’s a Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Way to Cook and Enjoy Nature.

• Price when reviewed $19.9
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