NXONE - Portable Mini Fridge & Warmer

NXONE - Portable Mini Fridge & Warmer
NXONE portable mini fridge cools or warms food, drinks, medicine, or cosmetics silently at a friendly price under $50.

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• AC or DC option.
• Cools & heats really well.
• Portable handle for easy transport.
• Comes with compatible cable for car.
• The arc-shaped appearance design is not only elegant and beautiful, but also prevents accidental bumps.

• Only fits up to 6 traditional drink cans.
• Only comes in two different color options.

NXONE - Portable Mini Fridge & Warmer

• 6 Liters Capacity Ideal Size: NXONE mini fridge with 5.3 * 5.1 * 9.3 inches (6 liters) capacity, which can easily store drinks, food, fruits, and snacks. The small size and stylish design make the compact fridge perfect for any occasion, such as travel, offices, dorms, road trips, boating, camping, commuting, and so on. Nxone space saving mini refrigerator can fully meet your daily needs.

• Ultra-Quite Technology: Equipped with brush-less high-grade fan motor, NXONE portable electric fridge produces little sound while working, which won't affect your rest. Low sound operation is perfect for places where you don’t want a noisy appliance, like bedroom, living room, baby room, etc. Enjoy the good life with NXONE mini fridge.

• AC/DC Adapters: Two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles, so you use it both at home and outside. And the convenient carry handle increases the versatility of our NXONE mini refrigerator.

• Perfect Gift for Girls: NXONE skincare fridge is a great solution for storing your cosmetics at a cool temperature to enhance their active ingredients. And the removable shelf design makes small items like mask, perfume, face cream easy to store separately. The small size and stylish design make the NXONE perfect for any occasion. It's the best gift for women and girls.

• Available in 2 colors option.
• Price when reviewed $42.9
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