Juicer vs Blender - Which one is healthier?

Juicer vs Blender - Which one is healthier?
The debate around juicers vs blenders has long been a hot topic. Both can process vegetables and fruit into nutritious and delicious drinks in seconds, but both will produce different results.

The description below will help you know more about blenders and juicers. However, the final decision about which one is better will depend on your tastes and needs.

The sharp blades in the blender are very efficient at turning vegetables and fruit into liquids in just seconds.

The fiber content is also maintained to prevent constipation. Given that the final result of processed fruits or vegetables still contains a lot of fiber, it takes longer for your body to absorb all the nutrients. This slow energy release makes you feel full longer.

Blender benefits:
• All ingredients from vegetables or fruit are processed well, nothing is wasted.
• Rich in fiber which is good for digestion and remove toxins.
• Fiber makes you feel full longer.
• Stable blood sugar levels due to the high fiber produced.
• Suitable for connoisseurs of juices with a texture like smoothies.

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Juicers can take extracts from vegetables and fruit. At the same time, the fiber contents are removed. The result is a liquid with a soft and concentrated texture.

The final result of a juicer tends to be low in fiber but still contains important nutrients that your body needs.

Juicer benefits:
• Rich in vitamins and nutrients in one serving • Easy to digest.
• Energy-rich processed products.
• Low in fiber so the digestive system doesn't have to work hard.
• Nourish the body more optimally because the content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is maintained.

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juice, vegetable juice, or nutrient packed celery juice
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