How Standing Desk Benefit Your Health

Standing Desk Health Benefit
Sitting too long can harm your health.

Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off a person's life expectancy, even if he or she exercises regularly, a new study finds. Watching TV for more than two hours a day can shorten life expectancy even further, by another 1.4 years. [1]

This is also known as sedentary behavior where your body is passive or less active which is at risk of causing fatal diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and several other deadly health problems.

Standing desks allow you to reduce your sedentary behavior. With it, you can increase the height of the desk to suit your posture when standing.

Yes, this means you will be able to keep working while standing.

Then, what are the benefits of standing desks for your health?

1. Minimize back pain.
A standing desk helps reduce pressure on the spine when you sit for too long.

A study conducted in the United States found that reducing sitting hours at work also reduced upper back pain and neck pain by 54 percent. [2]

2. Burn more calories.
According to, standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting.

3. Increase life expectancy.
A study found that reducing prolonged sitting to less than three hours a day can increase life expectancy by two years.

4. Increase energy.
Standing desks can increase the variety of positions while working, maintain a posture to always stretch, and reduce fatigue and stress.

A study revealed that employees who work standing rather than sitting will have an increase in heart rate, circulation, and energy.

5. Increase productivity.
Working with a standing desk is also considered to improve mood and energy. That is why working while standing able to increase employee productivity.

In one 7-week study published in Preventing Chronic Disease, participants who used a standing desk reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated throughout the workday.

Additionally, 87 percent of participants who used the standing desk reported increased strength and energy throughout the day.

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Top 3 Best Standing Desks

• 28'' standing desk riser.
• 2-tier design:the 28.4'' width of top tier holds a monitor up to 27'' with ease, the roomy base tier of 12.1'' depth holds a standard keyboard and mouse, or a 13'' laptop.
• Go from sitting to standing with single-lever and allows a smooth height adjustment from 4.7'' to 19.7'' within its own footprint. The powerful gas spring system holds up to 33 lbs while the double-X frame distributes the weight evenly at any height.
• Comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame and desktop, and a 3-year warranty on the gas spring system and other mechanisms.
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• 31.5" surface - the top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. The 31.3" x 11.8" (10.5" in center) keyboard tray raises in sync with the top surface to create a comfortable workstation.
• Strong 33 lbs lift assist - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism (Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 20"). Lift design elevates straight upwards.
• Backed with a 3-year warranty.
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• Quick transition: the adjustable height of fast gas spring hovering system is from 4.5" to 19.3"
• Spacious work area: the top surface measures 33.5" W x 17.8"D. Meet daily office needs
• Sturdy structure: the solid structure keeps riser steady and the maximum weight holds up to 37.4 lbs
• 10-year whole desk remediation and friendly tech support to help with any questions
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