Pykmax Universal Picking Platform

Pykmax features a unique, ergonomic shape that sits naturally and comfortably in your hand. You can play for hours without any stress or pain.

Pykmax is compatible with most standard sized guitar picks and includes everything you need to get started (Pykmax body, three size extenders, one small pick grip, one large pick grip, one connector, one removal tool).

Play more music and stop dropping your guitar pick!

Pykmax Intro

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Other Features:
• UPGRADE YOUR GUITAR PICK: Ergonomic grip feels super comfortable in your hand - great for beginners and experts alike. Play comfortably for hours, enhance your performance, and never drop a pick!
• RECONNECT WITH YOUR PASSION: Even if you have trouble holding a regular guitar pick, Pykmax can help you start playing guitar again.
• PREMIUM QUALITY: Tough, high-quality workmanship - built to last.
• UNIVERSAL DESIGN: One model for left-handed and right-handed guitarists. Adjustable size fits kids through adults. Fits most guitar picks.
• Reviewed by 84 verified buyers – 4.3 out of 5 stars
• Price when reviewed $32.98
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Pykmax Universal Picking Platform Pykmax Universal Picking Platform Reviewed by TechCinema on 5/09/2020 Rating: 5