Monoprice Indio Mini 66 Electric Guitar

Indio Mini electrics feature the same construction, high quality components, and attention to detail of their full size brothers.

The Indio Mini 3/4 scale electric guitars are perfect for rehearsals, running scales during conference calls (be sure to mute the boss), young players in training, or anyone who just wants a smaller neck and body.

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Other Features:
• Compact Scale Length: The shorter scale and smaller neck make these guitars an excellent fit for younger and smaller players.
• 3/4 Size Body: The smaller body size means less bulk and less weight, making it great for travel or to keep in your car for unexpected jam sessions.
• Versatile Tone: Get a nice thick bottom with plenty of bite from multiple pickup options.
• Fully Adjustable: Unlike some mini guitars, these feature a fully adjustable truss rod, so you can setup the guitar for your specific playing style.
• Included Gig Bag: All Indio Mini Electric Guitars ship with a protective Gig Bag to defend your axe against dings and scratches as you travel.
• Price when reviewed $193
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Monoprice Indio Mini 66 Electric Guitar Monoprice Indio Mini 66 Electric Guitar Reviewed by TechCinema on 5/15/2020 Rating: 5