MXR EVH5150 Overdrive Guitar Effects

EVH 5150 overdrive joins hand-adjusted multi-stage mosfets with a full complement of controls to deliver overdriven tube-like tones and exceptional sonic flexibility through a wide variety of amps and speaker cabinets.

Whether on stage or in the studio, The EVH 5150 overdrive controls dial up the whole spectrum-from eddie’s groundbreaking early classic tones to the high gain, super-articulate sound he uses today.

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• Reviewed by 114 verified buyers – 4.6 out of 5 stars
• Price when reviewed $199
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• Designed in close collaboration with Eddie Van Halen
• Multi-stage mosfets, 3-band EQ, boost switch, and Gate
• Extremely versatile

MXR EVH5150 Overdrive Guitar Effects MXR EVH5150 Overdrive Guitar Effects Reviewed by TechCinema on 3/30/2020 Rating: 5