The Danger Of Under/Overinflated Tires

"Each year, about 11,000 tire-related crashes occur. Many of these wrecks results from either tire underinflated or worn-down tread. Experts also estimate that 200 people die annually from weak-tire accidents". [1]

Tires always must-have and ideal wind pressure by manufacturer's recommendations to achieve optimal performance. Also, improper tire pressure is very dangerous for your safety.

Overinflated tires can cause a risk of wear in the middle of the tire and may break when hitting a hole or a hard object.

Also, when you drive you will feel the car is floating. This condition is also very dangerous because cars tend to be difficult to control.

When the tire pressure is below the manufacturer's recommendations, it can shorten the life of the tire.

Underinflated tires do not tread evenly on each side and cause friction against larger roads. It also can experience excessive heat due to friction and can potentially explode. This condition also can cause damage to the rim.

That is why checking the air pressure on your tires must be done regularly.

To simplify your job in checking tire pressure regularly, you can use AstroAI a digital tire pressure gauge that comes with 150 PSI, 4 settings (car, truck, bicycle, backlit LCD, and non-slip grip).

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