Jammy App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar

Jammy works as a MIDI controller via USB-C port or Bluetooth, and is compatible with any digital audio workstation or music notation software.

In MIDI mode it can sound like any instrument you want: so having only guitar playing skills you can create a multi-instrumental track.

You can take this digital travel guitar with you wherever you go. At only 17” when disassembled and 27” when assembled, this MIDI guitar is extremely portable and can easily fit in your backpack.

Jammy also has an onboard sound of acoustic, electric and classical guitar. Connect your headphones or an amp using ⅛” and ¼” jack outputs and play.

It also allows you to captures everything you play, so you can test your musical ideas right away without the need to connect to any mediating device like a phone or computer!!!

Use accelerometer with onboard sound for whammy bar effect or assign to it and volume knob various MIDI CC commands.

This intuitive guitar also has a mobile app that allows you to change tunings, customize MIDI behavior, use a metronome, emulate effects pedals and play along to backpacking tracks.

Jammy Guitar Midi Mode Demo

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• Price when reviewed $479 [ Check Current Price ]
• App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar - MIDI Controller - Modular Foldable Guitar - Includes Detachable Frame, Strap, and a Bag
• 440mAh battery that allows for 6 hours of active playing.
• Comes with a detachable add-on-frame, a guitar strap, a bag, a set of custom picks and a USB-C charging cable.
• Dimensions: 30 x 11 x 1 inches; 7 pounds

Jammy App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar Jammy App-Enabled Digital Travel Guitar Reviewed by TechCinema on 2/20/2020 Rating: 5