How To Connect Your Smartphone To TV

Connecting a smartphone to TV is the best way to enjoy your favorite content on a bigger screen.

There are 2 simple & easy ways to connect your phone to TV as follows:

1. Using Cable
Connecting a smartphone to TV with a cable is very possible as long as you are willing to use an adapter like USB-C to HDMI cable.

Just plug the USB-C side into your phone and the HDMI side to your TV. Older phones may have an old-fashioned micro USB port, but don't worry, you can buy a MicroUSB to HDMI cable.

After you connect your smartphone to TV, depending on the device, you might need to give permission on your phone, just press 'yes' or 'accept'.

2. Using Chromecast
Chomecast is a popular streaming device that can display content from your phone on TV easier. You also need to download the Google Home application on the smartphone that you want to connect to the TV.

After Chomecast is set up and connected to your TV and phone, open the Google Home app. Don't press the icon for your device, but press the button on the bottom right of the screen, it looks like a small face, with a circle around it.

In this menu scroll down and select 'Additions', and the first options are ‘Mirror device’ and choose it. You might be told that your device is not optimized for the experience, but that error can also appear on a new smartphone, so just ignore it, and click 'Accept.'

Now you can see the big blue button that says 'Cast Screen / Audio', then press it. Your mobile will look for the closest device, which should be fast enough if you have set up a Chomecast. Just select it, and your mobile screen will start playing on the TV.

Remember that using Chomecast to connect your smartphone to a TV can consume a lot of battery life, so make sure your phone is fully charged if you want to watch a lot of content.

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