Halter ED-258 Adjustable Standing Desk Review

Halter ED-258 was designed to assist those of you who are suffer with back, neck, posture, and circulation problems.

Its multiple height desktop work levels to maximize comfort, optimize posture, natural blood circulation, and reduce eye strain.

In our list of Top 10 Best Standing Desk, it ranked at #5 while at under $200 class, this sit stand desk converter is ranked at #3.

Design & Capability
Halter ED-258 uses a double x lift design with a straight up and down movement pattern. The unit is controlled with a lever and tooth locking system. The movement is assisted by two small gas cylinders found on each side of the base.

To move the unit up or down, you need to press both handles found on the underside of the monitor platform to unlock the unit. Keeping the handles pressed down will allow you to move it to the position you feel most comfortable. Releasing the handles will lock the unit in place.

The unit very stable on your desk so it does not move around your desk if needed.

The up and down movements are extremely smooth and won’t cause you any injuries because ED-258 also features an x-shaped base design that has inherent safety risks due to the numerous pinch points.

This standing desk converter can easily handle 2 monitors, a laptop, a keyboard and mouse and you’ll still have plenty of space to work with. At the same time, this can fit on most desks within an office space or a cubicle.

The durable and stable architecture and low price of the desk make it a good choice as compared to its counterparts.

• Very sturdy.
• Great stability.
• Easy to adjust.
• Large keyboard space.
• No assembly required.
• The handles are easy to release.
• Movements up and down are extremely smooth.

• Not dual ergonomic.
• Limited adjustment range.
• Raises minimum keyboard height.
• Not good option for people over 5'8".

What Other Users Have Said
When this article published Halter ED-258 has been reviewed by 909 verified buyers – 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS

• Price when reviewed $189.99 [ Check Current Price ]
• Height Adjustable 36 Inch Stand Up Desk Preassembled Sit/Stand Desk Elevating Desktop
• Squeeze handles for easy height adjustment
• Comes fully assembled, just place the desk on top of a table / desk / etc. and you're all set
• Switches from sitting to standing position in seconds
• Fits most desks in any office or cube
• 1-year warranty
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 35.6 x 16.9 x 16.1 inches; 47.2 pounds

Halter ED-258 Adjustable Standing Desk Review Halter ED-258 Adjustable Standing Desk Review Reviewed by TechCinema on 12/20/2019 Rating: 5