Why Selling Your Smartphone Might Ruin Your Life???

Selling your old smartphone might ruin your life if you are not careful.

Your photos, contact information, and others are still stored in your phone in an open condition that allows others to access it and use it for their advantages.

For your own good, there are some things you must do before you sell your smartphone to others, as follows:

1. Back Up Your Data

The bad news is that backing up data on Android is a bit more complicated than on iPhone. But the good thing is that most of your data might already be stored in the cloud.

If you use services like Google Photo, Gmail, or Google Contacts, then your data might have been synced to the cloud. If not, open the settings for each application and make sure cloud backup is turned on.

You can also back up all of your data through Google Drive. Otherwise, there are third-party applications such as G Cloud Backup to back up or migrate your data. You can also plug your phone into a computer and copy files manually.

2. Log Out Of Your Personal Account

You don't want to accidentally leave your Google, Facebook, or Dropbox account and let others snoop on your data.

On your mobile, open Settings, then look under Account.

Here, you will find a list of all the accounts that you have entered on the device. Tap each and select Delete account. You may have to save your main Google account.

3. Disconnect The Device

Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphones and smartwatches will stop working when your old smartphone is out of range. However, to ensure there is no pairing problem then disconnect your devices from your old smartphone.

Simply open your device's settings, and then select Connected Devices. Here you will see a list of paired devices. After that, tap the Settings icon and select Forget.

4. Factory Reset

After you have completed all the steps above, it is time to reset your phone.

You can simply open Settings, select System, then Advanced, tap the Reset and Erase.

After you select this option, it will permanently delete everything on your phone, and restore the software to the way it was when you bought the phone.

5. Remove Your SIM Card

Everyone can easily get their SIM card so you don't need to give your SIM card or you can ask your SIM card operator to deactivate it.

6. Disable The Find My Device Feature

Google offers a service called Android Device Manager, which allows you to find your phone, lock it remotely, or even delete your data. This is not the kind of power you want to accidentally give to others.

Open the Settings page then tap Security. Under the Device, click Manage Devices. In the list of devices, tap your old smartphone and select Delete.

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