How To Choose A Good Used Camera

Buying a used camera is the best way to enjoy more sophisticated camera features at cheaper pricing.

To ensure your satisfaction, you need to know how to choose a good used camera as follows:

1. Physical Check
Check if there are cracks or other physical injuries caused by impact or falling. A used camera that has fallen or been hit hard may have the potential of internal damage.

Also, check whether the internal flash still lights up and the hot shoe still works properly.

Don't forget also to check the battery slot and memory card, make sure they are still in clean and normal condition. Finally, check all parts that contain rubber, make sure nothing is torn or loose.

2. Function Test

- Pixel Test
Try to take photos and see if there are dead pixels.

Dead-pixel is the malfunction of one or several pixels because it cannot capture light anymore so black spots appear on photos.

- Autofocus (AF) Test
Try to take a photo and press the shutter button a bit. If the AF is still functioning well, then automatically the motor on the lens will focus on the intended object.

If AF is off, the lens motor will not function and the focus will not occur automatically.

- Check The Lens
If the used camera you want to buy is equipped with a lens, make sure its features work properly and the lens condition is clean and not moldy. Also make sure the mounting of the lens is still good, not deformed and can still work well.

- Check The Camera Sensor
Make sure the sensors on the used camera you plan to buy are clean with no stains or dirt on them. A dirty sensor actually can be cleaned easily with a dust blower, but if there are other options, please choose the one with a clean condition.

3. Shutter Count
Shutter count is the number of shots made by the camera.

For beginner class cameras usually have a shutter durability of about 50,000 times, whereas professional cameras can be more than 100,000 times.

On used cameras, the less the shutter counts the better.

4. Warranty
Never buy a used camera without a warranty. Always make sure the person or shop where you buy the camera will give a guarantee.

During the guarantee period, do not hesitate to do further tests, whether the camera is still suitable for use or not. If you find something odd then immediately use the warranty to fix it.

Online stores like Amazon also provide a variety of used cameras that have been renewed. Renewed products work and look like new. Most are even supported by a guarantee from Amazon for 90 days or more.

Before buying, you can read reviews from buyers before you to get a complete picture of other people's satisfaction with the used cameras that they have purchased from Amazon.

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