Sengu Solar Powered Bamboo Calculators

If you need a calculator and you hate plastic rubbish that can damages our environment, then meet Sengu Solar Powered Bamboo Calculators.

This unique calculator is available in 29 keyboards or 18 keyboards options.

The display of this Bamboo calculator lets you perform calculations on numbers with up to 10 digits.

It also comes with a mark-up button that allows you to quickly determine the selling price of items, percent, square root, grand-total, and change sign keys make quick work of common calculations.

A backspace key lets you correct entries without having to re-enter the whole number, and a memory feature allows the saving of frequently used numbers for easy recall.

This calculator adopts solar power so you don't worry it will stop to work while the auto-off function will extend battery life even further.

• Price when this article published $24.69 [Check Current Price]
• Practical: Electronic Desktop Calculator is a general purpose desktop calculator, 12 digits make it most useful for large calculations.
• Power: Solar function works even in the dim light
• Convenient: Ergonomic design comfortable button, Wide keyboard with raised keys and increased pressure sensitivity
• Durable: Desktop Calculator adopted is made of shell bamboo, using new durable materials
• Dimensions: 6.8 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches; 7.8 ounces

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