How To Choose A Good Used Laptop Smartly

Buying a used laptop is a good way to save money while still being able to enjoy similar advantages.

But the above conditions only apply if you know how to choose a used laptop that still has an excellent condition, as follows:

1. The age of the laptop

The older the age of a laptop, it can be ascertained that its performance is declining. Therefore, ask the seller when they bought the laptop. You can also ask for a prior purchase receipt.

It would be better if you buy a used laptop with an under 1 year of age.

2. Specifications Check

The specifications of a laptop will determine its ability.

The seller might claim that the used laptop he sells uses "Core i3 Gen 5" even though Core i3 gen 2 is used. Even though both are "Core i3" but their performance is different.

You can use software such as CPU-Z for complete and accurate test results.

3. HDDD/Hard Drive Check

A quick way to check the condition of the hard drive is to copy-paste files using File Explorer.

Try large capacity files. If the file transfer process takes a long time or feels abnormal, it can be an indication that the condition of the hard drive has been exposed to bad sector.

4. Screen & LCD Check

Change the wallpaper to a plain black color and when the laptop is off; make sure there are no spots or different colors on each corner of the screen.

Try opening and closing the laptop slowly. Laptop screens that have problems when shaking will feel saggier and emit a black or white color. A bumpy screen can be an indication that the screen has begun to break.

Also, check if there are scratches or cracks on the LCD screen.

5. Casing Check

If you see that the used laptop you plan to buy is full of scratches or cracks, this is a sign that the laptop is being used harshly or has fallen that might affect the performance and lifespan of the laptop.

6. Virus Check

To check for viruses, you can use the antivirus installed or you can also use your trusted antivirus, but you might need to ask permission from the seller.

You can also use Windows Defender if the used laptop is using Windows OS.

7. Warranty & After Sales Service

Besides still having a warranty, you must know how the after-sales service of the laptop brand that you want to buy.

If the after-sales service is bad, it's better if you cancel your buying intention.

Also, don't forget to ask for the warranty card if you are buying that used laptop.

8. Battery & Charger Check

Just use the laptop to play games for 10 to 20 minutes. If the battery percentage drops significantly, it means the battery has a problem.

Test the charger to charge the laptop. See if the battery is charging at a normal speed or not. Also, make sure the condition of the charger cable is not peeled and does not turn on/off by itself when used.

9. Keyboard Check

Make sure none of the keyboard keys are easily released.

Once you feel all the keyboard keys are complete in their proper place, try pressing the keyboard keys one by one to ensure that no keys are malfunctioning.

10. Touchpad Check

Make sure the laptop touchpad is still functioning properly and still has a high level of sensitivity.

11. Speaker Check

Try playing music on a used laptop that you are going to buy, pay attention to whether the speaker is functioning properly or not.

12. USB Port Check

Try connecting your smartphone or USB flash drive and see if the existing USB port can read them or not.

13. Check The WiFi Connectivity

Try to connect the used laptop you plan to buy with WiFi and see if it can be connected easily.

14. Buy Only At Trusted Places

There is no doubt that Amazon is the largest and trusted online store in the world.

They have and run strict procedures to ensure all used laptops available in their stores are in good condition.

Used laptops on Amazon usually come with a 90 day warranty from the seller, and most importantly, you can read reviews from buyers before you to check whether they are satisfied or not.

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