Top 5 Best Pizza Ovens [Most Wanted Edition]

Having a pizza oven allows you to cook pizza at home or anywhere. At the same time, this will ensure you can enjoy fresh pizza anytime.

So if you like to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, and looking for the best pizza oven, the list below will simplify your search.

1. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus (under $40)
Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus makes pizza in about half the time required by a conventional oven. You don't need to preheat it--it begins rotating and baking the moment you plug it in.

A timer with automatic shutoff lets you set cooking times precisely, and a cooking-time guide for various pizza types is printed on the pizza maker.

• Easy to clean & use.
• No preheating is necessary.
• Easy to see when food is done.
• Doesn’t heat up the room like a conventional oven.
• Evenly cook the pizza from both the top and bottom.
• Energy Savings – You can save up to 60% of the energy costs verses a conventional oven.

• No on/off switch.
• Dial numbers are easy to wipe off and disappear.
• The pizza doesn't come out as hot as it does when you use an oven.
• Nonstick coating is thin and may need to use cooking spray with usage.

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• Rotating tray turns continuously to assure even baking.
• Top and bottom heating elements bake foods from both sides. Heating elements are separately controlled, allowing you to select top, bottom, or both elements for perfect results every time.
• Timer signals end of cooking time and automatically turns off heating elements.
• Saves as much as 60% in energy compared to a conventional oven.
• Removable nonstick baking pan is easy to clean and store.
• Dimensions: 15.8 x 14.5 x 10.3 inches; 8 pounds

2. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR (under $34)
Betty Crocker BC-2958CR bakes fresh homemade pizzas or flatbreads with favorite toppings without even turning on an oven.

It also makes quesadillas, nachos, mini frittatas, quiche, croissants, giant cookies, hors d'oeuvres & more.

• Easy to clean & use.
• Varieties of foods to cook.

• No temp function.
• No on or off button, must always unplug.

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• 1440 Watts Pizza Maker
• Fast, fun & energy efficient
• Bakes 12" pizzas with a deliciously crispy crust
• Nonstick coated baking plate bakes crust to perfection & makes clean up easy
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 13.8 x 15.9 x 5 inches; 6.36 pounds

3. Ooni 3 (under $276)
Ooni 3 wood-fired and gas pizza oven allows you to cook jaw-dropping up to 13” pizzas in minutes.

• Easy to assemble & use.
• Reaches very high temperatures.
• Produces excellent crispy, yet soft dough with a great taste only imparted by wood fire.

• Rather uneven cooking area.
• Very tricky learning curve to this oven.

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• Award Winning Portable Pizza Oven
• Perfect for your outdoor patio or garden, the Ooni 3 portable pizza oven cooks delicious pizzas in just 60 seconds
• Heats up to 932ºF in just 10 minutes and runs on energy-efficient, sustainably sourced wood pellets
• Ooni 3 provides the perfect cooking conditions for so much more – roast meat, fish and vegetable dishes in minutes
• Lightweight and easy-to-use, take your Ooni 3 on the go wherever you please!
• Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 28 inches; 22.1 pounds

4. Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 (under $122)
Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 cooks your own pizzas at home or on the go in only minutes.

It`s lightweight, portable, and safe to use on any surface.

• Cordierite baking stone.
• Easy to assemble & use.
• Leg kit which will allow you to place the oven pretty much anywhere.

• Odd design.
• No pizza peel.
• Rattles inside the car during transportation.

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• Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven
• Pre-heats to 700F in 15 minutes, pizza cooks in only 6 minutes
• Heat-diffusing pizza stone cooks crust evenly
• Domed lid deflects heat back on pizza, moisture vent prevents sogginess
• Light weight, portable, safe on virtually any solid surface
• Includes built in thermometer, 14” cordierite pizza stone, and gas hose
• Operates on a standard 20 lb. Propane tank
• Dimensions: 18.6 x 18 x 12.3 inches; 25.9 pounds

5. Hamilton Beach 31700 (under $58)
Hamilton Beach 31700 cooks a 12-inch pizza up to 40% faster & up to 52% more energy efficient than a regular kitchen oven.

• Cooks evenly.
• Automatically shut-off.
• No preheating required.
• Easy to clean & use.
• Adjustable heat control.

• Short cord.

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• 12-Inch Pizza Maker
• Rotates for even cooking
• Viewing window lets you watch food as it cooks
• 30 minute cooking timer with auto shutoff
• Adjustable heat control
• Dimensions: 15.9 x 13.4 x 7.1 inches; 6.36 pounds
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