TaoTronics TT-SK15 - #1 Best SoundBar Review

TaoTronics Sound Bar is a cheap, easy, and quick way to turn your home into a theatre.

In our list of Top 5 Best Sound Bars, it ranked at #1.

TaoTronics Sound Bar comes with a very sleek boxy bar design constructed with robust material to last years.

The all-black body and clean lines look sharp and blend in well below almost any TV. Even, the speaker grille foam doesn`t feel cheap.

Unlike other brands which offer buttons, TaoTronics provide a touch bar in the middle of the soundbar that looks and feel much better.

The touch bar gives you access to three different functions. Touching the top of the strip turns the Soundbar on or off, while the bottom can mute or unmute the sound. Sliding your finger up and down the strip changes the volume.

However, Taotronics still includes a wireless remote.

The backside of the soundbar has all the inputs and mounting sections that you’ll need to get this up and running. One side has the optical and coaxial inputs.

The other side has the power plugin input. The bottom of the soundbar has thick rubber stoppers to prevent it from sliding around easily if its put on a flat smooth surface & there’s rectangular slices of rubber on both ends.

TaoTronics Sound Bar comes with 4 10W drivers and 2 passive radiators.

It produces 40 watts of sound, which is more than enough to fill a room. The sound leaves the speaker in all directions, creating a room-filling sound.

The highs and mid-range frequencies were clear and enjoyable.

You can connect this budget-friendly soundbar to your TV using the bundled RCA cable. There's an option for 3.5 mm and optical audio input as well. Optical audio input is ideal to pair it with gaming consoles. For all your other smart gadgets, there's Bluetooth connectivity.

• Wall mountable.
• Easy to use and move.
• It pairs quickly and painlessly.
• It gets really loud without distortion.

• Bass is lacking.
• No sound customization available.
• Doesn`t support the deeper songs.

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What Other Users Have Said
When this article published TaoTronics Sound Bar has been reviewed by 5.125 verified buyers – 3.9 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS

• Price when reviewed $78.99 [ Check Current Price ]
• 34-Inch 2.0 channel audio: Completes your home theatre system with four full range high quality speakers and two passive radiators that bring the bass
• Modern and traditional devices work with the speaker thanks to Bluetooth (effective distance:10 meters/33 feet) or wired connections that include 3.5mm, Optical, Coaxial, and RCA AUX input
• Dual operation modes for convenience that feature high grade metal controls and a remote to adjust playback settings including volume and track selection (not compatible with universal remote)
• Set it under the television or mount it on the wall for a convenient and elegant set up
• Dimensions: 33.9 x 3.5 x 2.6 inches; 1.6 pounds

TaoTronics SoundBar TT-SK15 offers an economical approach to improved sound audio without breaking the bank.

TaoTronics TT-SK15 - #1 Best SoundBar Review TaoTronics TT-SK15 - #1 Best SoundBar Review Reviewed by TechCinema on 8/15/2019 Rating: 5