Sega To Release Genesis Mini With 42 Games

Sega reproduces their popular game console in the 1990s, Genesis Mini with various changes.

Sega has updated the engine and software to keep it relevant and playable only the external appearance is made with the classic look of the previous version.

The slot cartridge, or previously known as the 16 game cassette slot, is open and closed like in the past, while the power button is still a mechanical button just like the previous version.

Sega Genesis Mini is bundled with the classic version of 3 buttons Genesis stick, but Sega changes the connection with a standard USB port.

Genesis Mini also comes with 42 games, two times more than the capacity of the old version.

The games offered are still the same as in the 1990s, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, Contra, Gunstar Heroes, Ecco the Dolphin, and Street of Rage 2.

Sega Genesis Mini Video

• Price when this article published $79.99 [ Check Current Price ]
• The iconic SEGA Genesis console that defined a generation of gaming returns in a slick, miniaturized unit.
• The SEGA Genesis Mini console is loaded with 40 legendary games and is plug and play ready right out of the box!
• Games will be announced in four waves of 10 games.
• Plug and play readyBox Contents
• SEGA Genesis Mini Console & 2 wired controllers
• Power cable & USB adapter
• HDMI cable
• Dimensions: 9.8 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches; 1.93 pounds

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