12 Easy & Cheap Ways To Take Care A DSLR Camera

Routine camera-care will ensure your camera can always work well while extending the life of your DSLR camera.

Below are 12 DSLR camera-care tips you can apply, as follows:

1. Keep It Away From Water
Even though your DSLR camera is claimed to be waterproof or weather sealed, always try to keep it away from water.

Water that enters the camera can damage the internal components. Also, the remaining sedimentary water can make the lens dewy.

2. Keep It Away From Salt
Salt can damage various metal components inside your DSLR camera by making it corrosion quickly.

After taking photos in an area with high salt content, wipe your DSLR camera before storing.

3. Always Keep The Lens Stay Clean
You need to use a cleaning kit to ensure the lens is free of mold and dust.

Never spray the cleaning liquid onto the lens directly but spray the liquid onto the microfiber cloth and then wipe the lens.

When not in use, use a lens cap to protect the lens from dust or fingerprints. A lens cap also useful to protect the lens from the risk of being scratched.

4. Use Lens Hood.
Lens hood is useful to prevent excessive light from entering the camera sensor.

For your information, excessive light that enters the camera sensor can reduce the sensitivity of the sensor itself.

5. Use UV Filters To Protect The Lens.
A UV filter will protect the lens from the adverse effects of ultraviolet sunlight, dust, and dirt.

This filter also must be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.

6. Travel??? - Alway Use A Dedicated Camera Bag.
When you have to travel, always use a dedicated camera bag to carry your DSLR.

Unlike regular bags, dedicated camera bags are equipped with cushioned pads to protect your DSLR camera from any kind of impact.

7. Use A Screen Protector.
A screen protector will keep the LCD screen from being scratched, fingerprinted, water or dust.

8. Clean The Camera Body Routinely.
Use eucalyptus oil or special cleaning fluid to clean the camera body. Apply the liquid to a soft cloth then wipe the entire camera body.

9. Battery-Care.
Lithium-ion batteries used on your camera usually have around 500 times of charging cycle.

So, when the battery has passed its charging cycle, you must immediately replace the battery.

Never store the camera battery in a room with an extreme temperature above 43 degrees. Also, never forget to recharge the battery if you have not used the camera for a long time.

10. Always Use A Shoulder Strap When Taking Photos.
A shoulder strap keeps your DSLR camera from falling off or out of your grip. The shoulder strap is cheap, but it can protect your DSLR camera optimally.

11. Store Your DSLR Camera In A Dry Box.
A dry box will protect your DSLR from extreme temperature changes, keep the camera dry, and avoid moisture that can damage the camera's internal components.

12. Buttons-Care.
Always use or press the button gently not with full force.
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