Tips To Strengthen Phone Signals You Don`t Know

Because of various factors, sometimes your phone signal can be weakened.

So you can continue to communicate with others, there are several ways to strengthen your phone signal as follows:

1. Activate Airplane Mode
Activating this feature for a few seconds is believed to be able to refresh the phone signal.

When you see your phone signal deteriorates, try to activate the airplane mode for 3 seconds. Then, turn off the airplane mode and try to use your phone to call someone.

2. Lock Your Network
You can lock your phone in a certain network whether on 2G, 3G, or 4G only. This step is believed to make your phone signals to be more stable.

3. Open The Car Window
When you drive and hard to get a signal when receiving a call, try to open the window so the signal can reach your phone easily.

4. Disable The Battery Power Saving Mode
There are conditions where you activate the battery power saving mode. When this mode is active, your phone will hold down or turn off the communication feature that makes you receive a message late.

Immediately charge the battery and disable the battery power saving mode, so your phone returns to normal condition.

5. Use Phone Signal Booster
Using a phone signal booster is the most effective way.

You can strengthen your phone signal up to 32X by using Weboost Home or Weboost Drive.

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