Reto3D Modern Smart Analog Camera

Do you miss taking photos with analog cameras???

If yes, then meet Reto3D a 35mm film camera product that is easy to use and affordable.

It can take three photos at a time and with its default mobile application, you can turn your photo into a GIF.

Enjoy the video below to see it in action:

Reto3D Video

• 35mm Film - suitable for 35mm negatives and slides
• Built-in Flash - enable you to photograph day and night
• Film Reload - not just a one-go toy but your all-time favourite
• Focus-free - quick snap creates a great form of art
• App Support - upload and stitch multiple images into 3D GIFs in a few seconds

Now, Reto3D is in the period of an initial fundraising campaign on KickStarter.

Reto3D Modern Smart Analog Camera Reto3D Modern Smart Analog Camera Reviewed by TechCinema on 3/11/2019 Rating: 5