Livall – World First Smart Bike Helmet

If you are looking for a bike helmet that can do more than just protecting your head from impact then meet Livall.

This smart bike helmet comes with Bluetooth speakers and a microphone connected to your smartphone. This way, when you fall off the helmet will send SOS alerts to your emergency contacts.

It also has a brake light sign and a sign light to turn.

Enjoy the video below to see it in action:

Livall Video
• Price when this article published $156 [ Check Current Price ]
• SOS ALERT:livall smart helmet,Timely Rescue in Case of Accidents, connect helmet with LIVALL Riding APP, helmet emergency signals turned on, sos signals sent to your emergency contacts on impact immediately.
• LIGHT:Smart Flash Lights,wireless turn signals for left or right signals ,noticeable from quite a distance. Adds security of better visibility to autos and other bicyclists, adds greatly to your road presence.
• SIZE: Adjustable strap to fasten. Maximum head size is 62cm(24.4inch),that means fits maximum diameter is 19.7cm(7.8inch). The helmet would generally fit for most of people and with the adjustable strap to fasten.
• Also available in assorted colors & size

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