Top 5 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners offer faster cleaning, lighter weight, better maneuverability, easy to operate, and more silent than upright vacuums.

They are great for vacuuming under low tables and furniture.

Also, many canister vacuums have tools and attachments that clean almost any surface.

So if you like to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, and looking for the best canister vacuum cleaner, the list below will simplify your search.

1. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G (under $70)
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is equipped with powerful brush rolls to deep clean carpets and a full set of tools are provided for specialty cleaning such as stairs and upholstery.

The 12 amp motor provides powerful suction makes cleaning quick and efficient. It also can pick up dust and pet hair easily.

• Blower function.
• The hose doesn`t kink.
• Very sturdy & solid.
• Easy to carry and maneuver.
• The cord is long enough to vacuum two large rooms.

• No cord rewind.
• No shoulder strap.
• No motorized brush.
• No retractable cord.
• The floor attachment only works on perfectly flat floors.

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• Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner
• HEPA filter
• Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning
• Auto shut-off protects against overheating
• Includes Blower Port to blow debris from the garage or workshop
• Lightweight 10 amp canister vacuum safely and completely cleans bare-floor surfaces
• Power-Touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls; deluxe floor brush; bare-floor nozzle
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 18.2 x 13.6 x 13.6 inches; 11.9 pounds

2. Bissell Zing 2156A (under $50)
Bissell Zing 2156A comes with cyclonic technology for continuous suction across both carpets and hard floors while the included tools and telescopic wand let you clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.

• Not too loud.
• Washable filters.
• Automatic power cord rewind.
• Very powerful and well made.
• Works on multi-surfaces without a problem.

• Short hose.
• No motorized brush.
• Be careful with the wand as it might detach mid cleaning.

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• Bagless Canister Vacuum
• Cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning. Plus, no more bags to buy or change ever
• Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch. Power Rating : 9 amps
• DIRT cup filters and Post-Motor filter help capture more Fine dust and particles. Filters are washable and reusable
• 15 feet of cord for great cleaning reach and retracts with the touch of a button for easy storage
• Easy to maneuver with the integrated carrying handle
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 12 inches; 7.5 pounds

3. Ovente ST2010 (under $65)
Ovente ST2010 efficiently traps most bacteria, pathogens, microbial mold spores, dander, tracked-in soil particles, and much more.

It`s very beneficial for those with allergies, asthma, COPD, or other respiratory conditions.

• LED light alert.
• Crush-proof hose.
• Translucent dirt bin.
• 360-degree hose rotation.
• Proficient in cleaning floors and most low-pile carpets.

• Noisy.
• Complicated instruction.

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• Bagless Canister Cyclonic Corded Vacuum with HEPA Filter
• Comes with Pet/Sofa Brush
• Telescopic Wand
• Combination Bristle Brush/Crevice Nozzle
• Retractable Cord
• Equipped with 1200-watts, nonstop suction to deep clean surfaces in one pass
• HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. That’s 300x smaller than a hair!
• Step button to turn on/off, automatic cable rewinder, 360° hose swivel, and telescopic wand helps you get high and hard-to-reach areas without injuring your back
• Bagless design with translucent dust compartment also includes an LED light alert for when the dust container & filters are full. All you need to do is empty and wash it with water before use.
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 11.5 x 15.5 x 10 inches; 12 pounds

4. Bissell Deluxe 1161 (under $128)
Bissell Deluxe 1161 is designed to clean delicate surfaces, high and low, with powerful suction while the digital fingertip controls let you reduce suction power for area rugs and other delicate surfaces.

The rubber wheels and felt treads won’t scratch or mark floors, and the brush has extra soft bristles so you can clean with peace of mind.

• Quiet.
• Adjustable suction.
• Easy to maneuver and store.
• Bagless – no bags to purchase.
• Tools are easy to reach, to attach, and remove.
• Easy to retract power cord with just push of a button.

• Short power cord requires you to plug it in multiple times when cleaning.

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• Canister Vacuum
• Non marking rubber wheels with felt treads
• Power rating: 7 amps
• Fingertip control
• Easy empty dirt tank opens from the bottom for no-mess disposal
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 10.7 x 13.2 x 8.7 inches; 9.1 pounds

5. Hoover PortaPower CH30000 (under $102)
Hoover PortaPower CH30000 can be used for detailing as well as to extend long distances with its 33' long power cord. You can vacuum stairways, down halls, and around sharp corners with ease.

• Blower function.
• Easy to move around.
• Nice long power cord.
• Beautifully designed.
• Long lasting cloth bag that is easy to empty.

• The power cord lacks swivel mechanism.
• No storage for attachments when not in use.
• Emptying the filter is no easy task sometimes.
• No automatic cord rewind & shoulder strap padding.
• May lead to sore shoulder if you vacuum for a long time.

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• Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum
• Includes a reusable commercial cloth bag with paper option
• Built-in blower allows you more versatility with cleaning and maintaining your home
• Compact form allows you to clean tight spaces and detail small areas
• Long 33' SJT cable length for large area vacuuming
• Hush 15 Inch Bagless Upright
• Hose stretches for extended reach
• Motor Amps: 7.4 Amps
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 20.9 x 7.8 x 12.5 inches; 8.3 pounds

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