Fitbit Charge HR Review - Be 30% More Active & Healthier

Fitbit Charge HR helps you to keep track of your fitness progress such as steps, calories, distance traveled, caloric intake, and even heart rate and sleep.

It also tells time, date, and keeps you stay connected with your friends or colleagues by showing call notifications right on your wrist when your phone is nearby.

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Comes in 6 attractive color options with a proper watch strap and surgical-grade stainless steel buckle which is better than a classic watch strap make Fitbit Charge HR look good on the wrist compared to other fitness trackers.

The wristband is made of a flexible and durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches.

The screen matches the color of the band too, so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. It's fairly vibrant and easy to read.

Unfortunately, the strap can`t be customized means once you have chosen a particular color then you will be stuck with that color forever. So choose carefully!!!

It comes in several sizes too small (5.5-6.5 inches) or large (6.3-7.6 inches), although each can be adjusted significantly.

It works automatically, from the moment it goes on your wrist.

With the latest update, you don't have to remember to start the stopwatch mode for the Fitbit to track exercise.

You just need to press the button to cycle through the time, daily steps, distance traveled, calories, and of course your heart rate.

Charge HR enables you to get accurate details of your workouts via the optical heart rate monitor that uses a bright LED to 'see' the blood pulsing through your wrist.

It also tracks your average resting heart rate, which is a good indicator for cardio fitness.

Fitbit recommends wearing the Charge HR a finger's length above the wristbone on your arm for ideal heart-rate readings

The sleep tracking is performed automatically, which means no more missed nights of sleep.

The Charge HR will sync to your phone via Bluetooth and all its trackers also come with a USB wireless dongle in the box, so you can also sync wirelessly to your computer. This way, whenever you open the app it will automatically update your data from the device.

As for the supporting ecosystem, both Fitbit app and web portal are superb, making it incredibly easy to assess and analyze your data over time. You can also see how you’re doing compared to your Fitbit using friends, which is sometimes what you need to get up and active.

The app also leverages your phone's built-in GPS, so you can track runs and get coaching while you exercise.

To power its performance, this fitness tracker is armed with battery life up to 5 days beating most continuous heart rate-tracking bands.

• Bright display.
• Stylish, discreet look.
• Easy to set up and use.
• Very comfortable to wear.
• Automatic exercise detection.
• Excellent supporting ecosystem.
• Clean, simple and easy to use app.
• Fitbit app syncs quickly and reliably.

• Run tracking lacking.
• Not swim proof or showerproof.
• No inactivity alerts or move reminders to keep you from being sedentary.
• Less accurate distance estimation, a 2.1-mile run was guesstimated at 2.56 miles.
• No GPS, so you are unable to view a map or detailed information on your run or cycle.

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What Other Users Have Said
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Features & Specs:
• Price when reviewed $104 [ Check Current Price ]
• Track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps
• Monitor your sleep automatically and wake with a silent alarm
• See call notifications, daily stats and time of day on the OLED display
• Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones
• Sweat, rain and splash proof
• 1-2 hour charging.
• 1-year warranty
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 7.6 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches ; 0.8 ounces

Should You Buy It?


Fitbit Charge HR is truly good standalone fitness tracker which reasonably priced for what it can do.

Another reason why you need to buy one is, as they say, “What Gets Measured Gets Improved”.

Even research shows that wearing a fitness tracker even just a basic pedometer can help you to be 30% more active & healthier.

In short, wearing Fitbit Charge HR is much more beneficial to your life than wearing regular watches.


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