WalkingPad Most Compact Folding Treadmill

If you hate conventional treadmills, because it will make your room narrower then you should meet WalkingPad.

It comes with 1432 * 547 * 129 working dimensions and weighing at 28 kg, WalkingPad allows you to fold it up to half the size of its working dimension.

WalkingPad’s low profile raises it only 57mm / 2.24 inches off the ground. This minimizes the step-up height and by extension, mitigates the risk of falling off of the walking surface.

WalkingPad also able to handle capacity up to 110 kg and allowing you to walk in 3 modes to choose (standby, manual, automatic) as fast as 6.0 km/hr or as slow as 0.5 km/ hr.

This folding treadmill only consumes 764 watts of power.

WalkingPad Video
For more detailed information, you can found WalkingPad on Kickstarter.

WalkingPad Most Compact Folding Treadmill WalkingPad Most Compact Folding Treadmill Reviewed by TechCinema on 10/26/2018 Rating: 5