Friday, April 6, 2018

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Of 2018

Massage chairs help relaxes your muscles, maintain a good posture, and relieves stress.

A “must have” chair to maintain a good balance between your health and your high level of productivity.

So if you like to enjoy the benefits mentioned above, the guide below will help you to choose the best massage chair that fits your needs as follows:

1. Strength of Massage
• Shiatsu deep tissue massage chairs are very aggressive and may not be for everyone.

Some chairs will lift you 6" out of the chair and may be too painful if your muscles are too tight or you have a physical condition that makes you sensitive to this type of massage.

A pad is often supplied to soften the massage.

• Vibration or air massages are softer, and more relaxing, but do not move blood and toxins through the body as well.

2. Upholstery
• Leather is the hardest to maintain and with the more aggressive "shiatsu deep massage" type of chairs, they wear out very easily.
• Synthetic leather will hold up better against wear and tear cased by the moving massage components.
• Vinyl has a cheaper look and feel relative to the cost of the material; however, it holds up well and is easy to maintain.

3. Recline Position
• Full recline" is considered to be more than 170 degrees
• Partial recline is any degree less, i.e.: 155 degree

4. Seat Width/Depth
The seat width on most massage chairs average 20"-22" and the depth, varies from 17"-22."

For smaller or larger body frames, this can be important.

The seat depth will also change the leg length and may compromise leg rest features like air bladders or rollers.

For example, a person with a short stature or legs may only use the leg rest features in the upright position if the depth of the chair is too deep.

5. Other Features To Consider:
• A large range of adjustability - great feature is the chair is intended for multiple users that have different massage needs.
• A leg-rest with massage or vibration capabilities.
• Heat opens the skin pores and relaxes the muscles and is a healthy way to move blood and toxins.
• Automatic programs.
• Casters to move the chair easily.

6. What Other Users Have Said
There is a great advantage if you buy your massage chair online is that you can see directly the opinions of other users.

And that is why large and trusted online retailer like displaying their customer reviews including the star rating. It will give you a real picture of a product you plan to buy.

The more the number of buyer reviews and the higher the star rating, the better the product in the eyes of consumers.

For your information, people who can submit a product review on must make the purchase first. So rest assured, you will get an honest review from them.

Now, get yours!!!

1. Kahuna LM6800 (under $2.100)
• Reviewed by 344 verified buyers – 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Full-Body Massage Chair Recliner With 6 Auto Programs & Heating Therapy
• Auto programs, timer button up to 30 minutes, Double layer shoulder airbags - Extra foot padding and remote holder included.
• L-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.
• Air massage technology covers entire body, LM-6800 has 6 different auto programs including special yoga stretching programs for full body stretching, dual foot rollers on the feet area, Space saving technology only requires 3 inches from the wall. Without this technology your arm will not get a decent massage.
• Footer Area has dual foot rollers and detachable & washable footer area cotton for sanitary purpose. FDA Registered as medical device.
• Dimensions: 48 x 31 x 46 Inches, 249Lb

2. Relaxzen (under $202)
• Reviewed by 309 verified buyers – 3.8 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat
• Comfortsoft upholstery looks and feels like top-quality leather
• 8 vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
• Choose independent massage zones or from 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels
• Swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment
• Soothing heat treatment in the lumbar region
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 32.3 x 27.2 x 17.7 inches, 57.2 pounds

3. Dorel Living (under $245)
• Reviewed by 297 verified buyers – 3.8 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Padded Dual Massage Recliner Chair
• Zone massage with high/low settings located in seat and back, can operate together or separate
• Lever release for reclining function
• Fully upholstered chair pad supports legs and knees
• Foam seating for added comfort and durability in this reclining rocking chair
• Sewn-in seat and back cushions
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 41 x 36 x 40 inches, 77 pounds

4. BestMassage 06 (under $830)
• Reviewed by 265 verified buyers – 4.4 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest
• Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to relax muscle stress, reducing fatigue and rejuvenating the mind and body.
• Compression and Percussion: Improves flexibity. mobility and posture of the legs.
• Recovery Program Extend Program Relax Program Refresh program More than 30 air bags Build in Heat Intelligent roller system - Flexible
• Conforms to the contour and shape of your back Added neck massage feature - Massage heads are designed to target stress relieving "tsubo points" on your neck.
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 55 x 42 x 35 inches ; 300 pounds

5. Esright (under $281)
• Reviewed by 255 verified buyers – 4 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel
• Relax in this wonderful chair with reclining, heating, massaging and vibrating features.
• Soft and sturdy PU leather design suitable for intensive use, padded with extra thick sponge for back cushion and armrest.
• 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags to rest your drinks and hold magazines.
• 360 degree swivel and 150 degree recline features.
• Come with remote controller and power cord, 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels.
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 33.1"(L) * 35.8"(W) * 43.2"(H), 92.61lbs

6. Relaxzen Deluxe (under $231)
• Reviewed by 204 verified buyers – 3.7 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat
• 8 vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
• Choose independent massage zones or 9 pre-programmed random modes, each with 5 intensity levels
• Soothing heat treatment in lumbar area
• Swivel, recline and recline tension adjustment
• Luxurious thick, chocolate brown padded microsuede upholstery with a wood base for the utmost comfort
• Dimensions: 32 x 31 x 33 inches ; 51.7 pounds

7. Mecor (under $230)
• Reviewed by 170 verified buyers – 3.6 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner Char Microfiber Sofa Ergonomic Lounge with Remote
• Made of soft comfort microfiber,padded with extra thick sponge for back cushion and armrest
• 8 point nodes massage (back,thighs&calves) and 4 modes vibration massage
• Simple operation,convenient and quick
• Easy to assemble
• Reclines to 135 degrees, provide good neck and lumbar support
• Also available in assorted colors
• Dimensions: 33 x 38 x 40 inches

8. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] (under $1.699)

• Reviewed by 126 verified buyers – 4.5 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System
• One hand operation remote controller
• 4 automatic massage programs - 3 manual specific targeted massages (kneading, tapping, combo) - 3 levels of airbag intensity control - 3 massage speed control
• 3 stage ultra automatic zero gravity multi-functiuon massage chair - relieving the discomfort of back pain
• The rollers glide from the upper back all the way down under the seat
• Built-in sensor automatically measure the length of spine and knows where to massage
• Uniquely designed airbags are programmed to inflate/deflate separately which causes the body to twist and stretch on shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs working simultaneously or individually
• Designed to provide detailed, human-like massage throughout the body and the stretching function is also referred to as the “spinal decompression” program
• With vigorous air cells pinning your body in place, the chair moves you to a calculated routine, and slowly stretches out the leg and back muscles
• Beauty hip massager: multiple Air bag for your hip and your waist line which inflates for compression massage to align lower back and pelvis area
• 2 heating pads in lower back area that enhance the massage experience
• Arm massager: 2 air bags are carefully located to apply a deep massage to the forearms and wrists
• Calf & foot massager: multiple air bags on sides and back of the legs and feet which inflate for compression massage with bottom spinning roller that apply concentrated pin-point kneading massage
• Full size remote controller: large viewing screen to easily visualize what functions the chair has activated

9. Real Relax (under $800)
• Reviewed by 108 verified buyers – 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• Electric Zero-Gravity Full-Body Shiatsu Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner with Stretched Foot Rest & Built in Heater
• 4 preset automatic different massage programs, zero-gravity surround space capsule evenly across the whole of the chair gave you professional massage experience; 8 massage points inside the backrest work together with other programs, provide you a full body massage to relax from head to toe; Besides, there are 50 air bags placed all over the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs to relax better.
• Exclusive armrest linkage system design, embedded arm clip can be pulse-type airbag extrusion massage; Foot roller function design achieves more effective foot massage than foot airbags.
• Built-In Waist Heater promotes blood circulation and improve metabolism; Seat massager includes vibrate, heat and air squeeze. Footrests extended for taller individuals.
• Easy to assemble
• Dimensions: 49.74" length x 29.72" width x 31.1"height, 200lb

10. Best Choice Products (under $185)
• Reviewed by 105 verified buyers – 4.2 out of 5 stars - READ USER REVIEWS
• PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman w/ Control, 5 Heat & Massage Modes
• 5 pre-programmed massage settings, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes to knead the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves
• Upholstered cushion on armrests, seat, and ottoman, and a double padded backrest provides supreme comfort
• Attached massage controller can be kept away in a right pocket pouch
• Dimensions: 27 x 29 x 41 inches, 45 pounds