This Dress Turns Transparent Everytime You Share Data Online

If you are a woman who brave enough and likes to share your beauty to others x.pose can help.

x.pose is a special dress will go transparent automatically when you share data online.

This 3D-printed strapless dress is designed by Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira using a Rhino 3D modeler and a 3D printer.

With the help of a special app, all the collected data was transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth into this dress.

But be very careful because the more data you share, the more this dress will expose something beautiful inside the dress.

I think if technology inside x.pose is combined with this spiked vest design + Ying Gao interactive dress design then you will have a special dress that let you know there are naughty eyes who stare at you all the time but they can`t touch anything!!!

x.pose Video
What do you think? Brave enough to wear it?

Source: xc-xd | By: Ronny