This Beautiful High Heels Will Last For A Thousand Years

The idea behind the modular system is to allow you to update your old device with a couple of the latest hardware.

That way you don`t have to throw away your old device into a trash can while reducing the amount of electronic waste.

And now the same mindset has come to high heels.

Recently Borgezie has revealed their latest innovations that allow women to look beautiful with high heels that is made out of stainless steel and tough silver with a thousand year guarantee!!!

With these shoes you can dance freely without the fear that you'll break the heels. But even if something bad happen, just remember that this high heel have a guarantee for a thousand years.

Oh…you think that the stilettos will hurt and cause blisters on your feet?

No, it will not hurt your feet because of the silicon liners on the toe strap and rear heel.

While the stainless steel and silver are used to prevent the deterioration of these stilettos for years.

Not only strong, durable, and comfortable but the design is quite pretty and stylish enough. Enjoy the images bellow and be amazed!!!

Borgezie Riviera Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver Stiletto is priced at £1,000 or around $ 1,684.8.

Source: Borgezie | By: Ronny