Hand-Tech Super Advanced Smart Gloves

Francesca Barchiesi a technology designer has presented “Hand-Tech” a new advanced gloves that combine a motion controller and interactive technology.

Hand-Tech is a super advanced semi-transparent smart glove with a variety of applications.

The glove only wrap three fingers (thumb, forefinger, and middle finger).

This glove is woven with sensors and micro projectors that can identify hand gestures.

The identified hand movements will be translated into the necessary functions.

With Hand-Tech you can take a picture, zoom-in or zoom-out, video recording, data exchange with other users by shaking hands to each other, display 3D projection, display virtual wristwatch by simply making certain movements, and more.

Not only that, these smart gloves are also able to translate sign language sign language of deaf people into sound pattern of spoken language.

Source: francescabarchiesi