Polaroid XS80 Full HD 1080p Action Camera

If previously Polaroid has launched a digital camera that can print the photos in one package, now the company also has introduced the XS80 a Full HD actioncam.

Interestingly, you do not need to put it into special casing for use when snorkeling or riding a bike in the rain.

In addition to 9 meters waterproof, Polaroid XS80 also shockproof. This actioncam is designed to accompany your adventures in a variety of conditions such as surfing, mountain climbing, or other outdoor activities.

XS80 Features:
• A mount for a helmet.
• G sensor for automatic image playback.
• Anti-shock technology.
• HD video 720p and 1080p - 30 fps.
• 16 MP camera resolution.
• 120 ° viewing angle.
• Battery that can last about 2.5 hours.

Desc Price Seller
With Mounting Kit $129.95 Amazon
With Full Mounting Kit $159.95 Amazon

Source: http://www.polaroid.com/news/2013/easily-capture-your-extreme-adventures-in-stunning-hd-with-the-affordable-polaroid-xs80-mountable-hd-action-camera