Linkase Case For iPhone For A Stronger WiFi Signal

Absolute Technology has created a special case for iPhone, Linkase which serves as an external antenna to improve iPhone ability in capturing the WiFi signal.

The WiFi signal can be enhanced via EMW (Electro Magnetic waveguide) slide-out element.

But the signal is weak enough when accessed directly via iPhone.

The company also has run a comparison test between Wi-Fi signal on iPhone 5 with Linkase and without Linkase.

As the result, iPhone 5 with Linkase has a faster download speeds in places that have a weak WiFi signal.

Linkase is made of polycarbonate on the back side and wrapped with leather for easy grip. In addition, there is a rubber on the front side as an extra protection for the screen. The rubber is also used on the side of the iPhone.

Linkase is available in five colors: white, black, red, gray, and blue. Each case is equipped with an extra EMW.

Linkase For iPhone 5
Unfortunately, there is no official information about the price and the release date.