DreamBox - Vending Machine For 3D Printings

So far, most vending machines are only used to sell pizza, drinks, movies, and others.

But recently some people from the University of California, Berkeley who feel frustrated due to lack of access to 3D printing in their college has managed to bring up a new idea called Dreambox.

Dreambox is a vending machine that can be used to print things in 3D, you just need to upload your design through the available USB port.

If the print design is not in the form of 3D format, you can select one of the examples offered by Dreambox.

And if you are not satisfied with the example offered, you are allowed to freely use the Derambox applications to create your desired design.

Once your design is ready for print, this 3D printing vending machine will send it towards the nearest devices to print it.

Later, you will be notified via a text about Dreambox address information, as well as the number of storage locker to store the print results.

This will make the prints remain safe until you pick them up from the locker.

Source: 3dreambox