4D Sportsground: 3 Different Fields In 1 Area

Mens sana in corpore sano, in a healthy body there is a healthy soul.

The problem is, how can you exercise if all the land has been turned into a shopping mall or an apartment???

To solve the problem above, 4D Sportsground is the right technology that to solve it.

This technology can make a limited area to 3 units of different sports field.

With a system that is embedded in the ground and rotating mechanism (has 3 sides), 4D Sportsground can turn the football field into a tennis court or a basketball court.

4D Sportsground
Even if you like, you can also put a solar panel so when the field is not in use, it can be used to generate electricity from sunlight.

Source: http://www.profitproject.org/news-events/article/field-lab-eindhoven-will-have-first-4d-sports-ground-in-the-world/