Robotalk: A Small Robot As Your Personal Assistant

Robotalk made by Okamura Corporation may look like a toy but is actually a robot that can talk as your personal assistant.

Although Robotalk is small ( 10 x 22 cm) and light (600 grams) but this robot is able to perform various daily tasks such as reminder, notify the weather forecast, until to make a presentation.

In it, there are 2 MP camera, microphone, speaker, 60 LED lights, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom, 1 GB RAM, LAN, Wi-Fi, and 8 GB internal memory.

What can be done by Robotalk:
- Say hello to you or people when cameras detect a movement
- Doing a search online with the help of the internet
- Remind you to your schedule
- Reading the news from RSS
- Answering your question like Siri
- Run a surveys and set 10 questions and answers
- Provide product presentations
- Play music
- Playing games

Robotalk actually is not for personal use only but also can be used for the benefit of a company as a "shopkeeper" which can explain the product.

Robotalk is priced quite expensive at 472,500 Yen or about $5044.84.

Source: gizmag