Kinect 2 Full Specifications Revealed!!!

Finally Kinect 2 specs revealed. Microsoft claimed that the new Kinect will have a higher resolution, minimum lag, and able to bring six players simultaneously.

Packed with a number of new components, Kinect 2 is rumored able to reduce latency up to 1/3 and better recognition that can be used to play with six players simultaneously.

Here are some improvements on Kinect 2:
- Increasing the field of view to get a much larger playing area.
- RGB flow that produces quality and higher resolution.
- Higher depth level which is capable in showing smaller objects.
- The high level of accuracy depth that will show the difference of an object even in a short distance.
- Infrared (IR) enabled lighting that will allow independent processing and recognition feature.
- Pipeline latency from one end to the other end is increased by 33 ms.

With the Field of View (FOV) of 70 degrees and 60 degrees - vertically and horizontally, Kinect2 has a depth of 0.8 to 4.0 m. The sensor is able to capture a more expanded area than Xbox 360> Kinect Sensor.

Kinect2 is rumored will come along with Xbox 720.

Source: VGLeaks