Domo The Journey Will Hit iOS On February

iPhone and iPad users in February 2013 will be able to enjoy “Domo The Journey” through the App Store.

In this video game, you will control the main character “Domo-Kun”.

This game brings a side-scrolling adventure style, where you are challenged to save your friend.

You must move Domo-Kun through complex platform, avoiding certain areas, and fight against various enemies using the virtual D-pad controls.

Domo The Journey presents five different game zones and more than 25 game levels.

Domo-Kun has to go through 25 levels in an attempt to help his friend, Tashanna.

Domo The Journey Teaser #1
You have to control Domo-Kun to avoid obstacles such as saws, ride vehicles, or climbing the Alps. You are also have to collect a variety of balls to get special powers.

Source: Slashgear